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Idrawing 3D pen ID-161 Yousu 3D Tech 3Dprinting

no jamming issues slim design USB connect PCL compatible more stable and reliable fast nozzle replacement eco-friendly Low printing temperature
Item Code: TOPID-161
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  • Description

Mode name                                     ID-161
Materia                                           ABS/PLA
Lengthl                                           180mm
Voltage                                           5V   2A
Nozzle                                            0.8mm
Battery                                            NO
Battery lasting                                 N/A
Battery capacity                               N/A
Auto power off                                 YES
Auto retraction                                 YES
Speed adjustment                            9 Speed
Nozzle Temperature                         110℃
Taper nozzle temperature                 60℃
Plug                                                  USB

 packing list:
1. 3D pen x1
2. USB cable x1
3. 3D filament  (Each has 5 meters)
4. Tracesheet x1
5. Stencils x3
6. Userguide x1

How to use?

正面按钮,L代表低温PLA材料,H代表高温ABS材料。 Material switch button, L: PLA material, H: ABS material
左边上部按钮:单击一次开,单击一次关,长按为退料件。灯没有变成蓝色则其他按钮没用。First short press: Power on. Second short press: Power off. Long press: Auto retraction.
左边下部按钮:单击一次挤出,单击一次暂停;长按持续挤出,松手则停止挤出。First short press: Drawing. Second short press: Pause. Long press: Continuously drawing, release and Stop
右边按钮:速度调节按钮,-减速,+加速 Speed adjustment  slower, speed, +faster
头顶部,一个电源接口,一个料的入口。Power connect, Material feeding.

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